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10 Ways To Stay Motivated And Complete Your Online Course

‘Learning never exhausts the mind’ Leonardo da Vinci

Course Certification.

They are eluding.

Completing an online course requires motivation and unsurmountable mental willpower.

Family and career rob your time to study. Understanding a new concept is hard making you feel stupid and lazy.

But you are not alone.

Researchers agree that acquiring a new skill is challenging.

Hope is not lost.

This post shares 10 useful tips that overtime should yield positive results.

  1. Find An Online Class that Fits

The top ingredient to inspire you to learn online is to find a course that you’re going to enjoy. Thanks to technology, you have access to countless online courses.

Some of the lessons are accessible on Youtube, social media, and online course platforms.

You can find useful information on the either free or paid course online. From my experience, paid courses offer more value and inspiration to persist.

2. If The Plan Does not Work, Change the Plan not the Goal

Plans get disrupted, and sometimes they even don’t take off. The moment you realize your plan is not working, create your own functional program.

Researchers agree that having plans is good but being ready to change those plans is even better. It’s not your fault when unprecedented life events happen.

3. Surround Yourself with the Right People

The challenge of participating in an online course is that you are alone. Self-study will need you to create room for a like-minded company.

Membership in a community offers support, motivation, and insights to push you through.

Most trainers offer forums for learners to discuss and share. I have gained from groups by participating and sharing during.

4. Change of Environment

Exploring newness is an antidote to boredom. If possible take your class away from your normal environment. I have found productivity while seated in a coffee shop, sit outside viewing the lake, or in the library.

This will break away from the monotony and give you a new perspective. Step outside your comfort zone and attract the morale to continue in your coursework.

5. Challenge your limits

Learning can be exhausting. You would rather binge on Netflix than torment my brain to lectures.

Why not bring a thrill to your classes by having challenges:

  • Develop goals and aim to finish within a set time, a monthly challenge to finish 4 topics.
  • Challenge yourself to do lessons in timings that are perfect for you.

6. Offer imaginary lessons to others

When learning a new skill it becomes clearer when you teach what you’ve learned to someone else.

Forget about yourself and focus on offering acquired skills to an imaginary student.

This student adores you and believes you are the best tutor ever. Let’s call her Stella. Find a picture suiting Stella and pin it near your desk. Talk to Stella and share whatever lessons you’ve learned.

Focus on becoming a good friend helping Stella become better in her class.

7. Feeling Frustrated? Let it All Out

Self-therapy is helpful in clearing your mind and release frustrations.

When you are in a state of bitterness find ways to let it all out before indulging in your online lessons. Take your time to be angry and emotional.

Artistic ideas are soft channels to clear your mind. Some of the ways to express your emotions include painting, singing your lungs out, writing, or developing crafts.

Writing 750 words daily has been a healing affair as well as an opportunity to enhance my creativity.

8. Refuel, Refresh & Rejuvenate

It’s a simple tip but at times all you need is to take time off to recover. After long hours of work, find time to refresh with a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of water.

Plan to have intermediate breaks between work. Do this regardless of your progress. Black coffee does it for me since am a night owl.

You can always take time off to watch a movie or read a good book.

9. Stop studying for grades

To get over writer’s block, sometimes you have to write something you want to write. It doesn’t matter whether it suits your blog or not.

Get on with it. Get it off your chest. Why not?

Focus on milestones, not achievements

10 Bribe yourself

It is not a crime to blackmail yourself to achieve success when learning online. Whatever form of compensation that works for you is fine.

I usually target to study during the night before hitting the bed. Worry not if you are struggling to snooze because it’s actually a good thing. Neurologists have established that sleeping while learning facilitates the transfer of recent memory to the long-term conscious.

Feel like you can do it?


We all want to achieve whatever we set our mind to do.

Reading up this far shows you are not a loser. Unlike other wishful thinkers, you take action and find solutions.

You are ready to take action but small since that is the most effective way to get motivated.

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who is not trying. Tony Robbins

Imagine having to update your LinkedIn profile with the new skillset acquired. Landing a new job thanks to the skills you gained from completing that online course.

It is not going to be easy. But, some of the tips shared above should help you do that online course.

So put on your learning cap and go ahead and become better once more.



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