7 Books To Help You Escape Your Mental Cage.

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You are set to change your life. Your determination and zeal are unshaken.

You try out all ways to change.

But something awful happens. You begin to procrastinate. You lose the momentum. Your determination withers. You lack the will.

You get discouraged.

You find solace in motivation. You get refueled only to end in motivation paralysis. Trapped in the same cycle of life.

You wonder whether you made the right choices in life.

You are not alone.

I was once stuck in that cycle. I am still struggling to heal from this paralysis and learn to take action. Identifying your…

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It’s disheartening, isn’t it?

Your efforts on staying fit at home ending up in disappointment.

You consider joining a gym as a more effective avenue.

The truth is, going to the gym is not the only way to get fit.

When you have a busy life, finding time to work out in the gym can be tough. Most gym memberships are expensive. So why not save your time and money by creating your home gym and stay clear of germs.

Unfortunately, instilling discipline to work out at home is hard for most people. …

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‘Learning never exhausts the mind’ Leonardo da Vinci

Course Certification.

They are eluding.

Completing an online course requires motivation and unsurmountable mental willpower.

Family and career rob your time to study. Understanding a new concept is hard making you feel stupid and lazy.

But you are not alone.

Researchers agree that acquiring a new skill is challenging.

Hope is not lost.

This post shares 10 useful tips that overtime should yield positive results.

  1. Find An Online Class that Fits

The top ingredient to inspire you to learn online is to find a course that you’re going to enjoy. …

Creating your Home workout

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The huge number of workout tools and equipment available can be intimidating for a newbie or even a pro.

You are also afraid you might not get value for money.

All you want is a simple tool that will not dent your wallet nor eat into your space.

Well, you are in the right place. This post will highlight 7 simple full-body workout tools that will bring the gym to your living room.

So let’s dive right in.

  1. Resistance band

I stumbled upon this gem in my brother’s fitness gear. Thanks to a few YouTube…


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