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Introvert Relationships: When Spouses Suck As Business Partners

Do you struggle as an introvert to create business partnerships?

As an introvert, allowing yourself to partner in business is the ultimate level of trust. Losing that can be devastating.

Choosing a spouse as a business partner is an easy option. They understand you and share your ideas.

But that's not always the best option.

You see, a business partnership is a relationship. You will disagree and fight at some point.

1. When They Take Away Your Freedom

I like business because it gives you an avenue to operate an enterprise with your own rules.

You become your own boss.

As an introvert, the freedom to operate without supervision is powerful.

But, when a partner comes in, all that’s gone.

If you aren’t ready to lose your freedom, then maybe you aren't ready to give away your authenticity.

2. When You Lose Your Authenticity

You begin to fit in.

If they are forgetful, disorganized, or fail to keep time, then it will show and affect your relationship.

The business operates on calculated risks.

Closing on a business most times takes unreasonable actions outside the rule book. Sometimes it might not work out as planned.

The choice of risk might mean losing your savings or landing an extraordinary deal. It’s a personal decision that defines the partner worth maintaining.

3. You Need To Work As a Team

If you thrive on complete ownership, then partnerships are not ideal for you. I treasure my space and even spend longer than usual in the washrooms.

A partner who struggles in opening boundaries and giving space for another is not the best. This might not only put a strain on your marriage but also ruin your marriage.

Developing that open communication chain may take time, but some of us treasure operating on our own terms.

4. When they Exhibit Poor Conflict Management

Conflicts are inevitable in any relationship, and the only way out is to find ways to solve them.

My wife is an aggressive kind instituting toughness when tackling conflict. On the other side, I am a more calm and timid kind willing to pay the highest price to avoid conflict.

Embracing the different conflict management skills is paramount in creating great business partnerships. There is no antidote for settling the conflict. You have to sit down and iron things out.

Conflicts at home may spill into the business creating an unhealthy work environment.

5. When They Add No Value To The Business

Riding on a business partner who brings in more value is the essence of a business partnership. Financial muscles, strong networks, or dependable expertise are areas the foundations for partnering.

From experience, putting more effort into a partnership is draining and demotivating. As a couple, chances of one partner riding on the contribution of the other are highly likely.

If the value weighing scale topples to one end, then reconsider your choice of a business partner.

6. Disparities In Money management

It will be regrettable if your spouse decides to take credit without your knowledge. After a disagreement, I know of a husband who went on and took an overdraft, leaving the wife struggling to repay.

Instilling prudent financial management will ruin your marriage and also divorce your business. Separating home and business finance is a problem, especially with small businesses. A good credit score from either partner is beneficial.

Business hangs on prudent financial management. If, as a spouse, you find it hard to handle finances, then partnership might not work out.

7. Involving Family and Friends Into The Business

When you find your business being a meeting location, or revenues being used to bail out your mother-in-law, then we have a problem. Family businesses face situations that may compromise professionalism when operating the business.

But, families are the major source of support, especially to startups.

Your spouse needs to be disciplined. Maintaining operations of the business is done ethically.

The Choice is Yours

Building a thriving family business is not easy.

It’s a battle between marriage familiarity and adherence to business ethics.

You have chosen to start a business with your spouse. That is a great step. But are you willing to make those tough decisions? Are you comfortable in making your spouse a business partner or let go of that idea?

Your business is worth it. You have to fight for it.

Imagine leaving a legacy business to operate and employ millions for many years. Probably you can have a business providing essentials to serve the most vulnerable people in society.

It is possible.

Instilling proper business structures should bring both of you more revenue. That should be worth it.



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