Master Your Home Workout: 7 Simple Habits That Will Transform Your Body

It’s disheartening, isn’t it?

Your efforts on staying fit at home ending up in disappointment.

You consider joining a gym as a more effective avenue.

The truth is, going to the gym is not the only way to get fit.

When you have a busy life, finding time to work out in the gym can be tough. Most gym memberships are expensive. So why not save your time and money by creating your home gym and stay clear of germs.

Unfortunately, instilling discipline to work out at home is hard for most people. And like professional athletes, finding the motivation to work out becomes a struggle.

As a novice, where can you can learn and train like a pro?

Let’s explore new habits that will help you achieve your fitness goals

  1. Settling for an Accountability Partner

Finding an ideal companion who shares similar workout goals is crucial. Pay attention to their commitment and their tendency to offer and receive criticism.

Keep away from close family and friends. My wife usually struggles to keep up during our morning run, forcing me to watch my pace whilst keeping an eye on her.

Share your vision whilst cutting loose workout relationships that do not work out.

2. Taking Small Actionable Steps Eliminates Procrastination

The secret to tackling procrastination is by taking small measurable steps. Continuous imperfect actions create consistency leading to success.

Focus on short five to eight exercises with periodic 30-second breaks between. You can use a fitness app for rigorous exercises within a timer with interval breaks.

I usually hate it when I procrastinate but this method has helped me. Because waiting for that perfect moment is never an option, start small.

3. Planning to Fail will Lead You To Success

You are here because you want to change the way your body looks. That’s awesome, but have you considered the possibility of failure?

Tim Ferris once shared how he managed to control his depression by planning his failure. He looked at a scenario at hand, all the probable outcomes, and ways to manage them.

This approach of reverse psychology and motivates you to face your fears. Trick the subconscious mind and ignite a desire to meet your goals.

4. Knock Out Workout Boredom and Embrace Fun

Apart from physical fatigue, psychological tediousness is common and attributed to routine. Finding the strength to maintain an exercise plan is boring but that should not be the case.

You can spice up your workout plans by incorporating various interests. Try different fitness exercises that will trigger your interest in working out.

I usually use this time to listen to the latest podcast from James Altucher or listening to music. I also enjoy gardening but you can try other options you enjoy like dancing, yoga, or martial arts.

5. Don’t Follow Fitness Professional Myths.

Most fitness professionals offer poor advice that is harmful. Your workout journey should be a personal affair.

Be cautious of fitness professionals who push you to perform exercises while in pain. Some will even give you dieting tips without consulting a nutritionist.

What worked for another may not befit you. Create your path and filter the advice you receive. I consume 20% from fitness experts and then define ways to find the 80%.

6.Find an Ideal diet for an Effective Workout

The best diet plan is the one that fits your personality and schedule.

My schedule does not allow me to eat three meals but I eat small portions within 2–3 hours during the day.

Try eliminating bad eating habits that dissuade you from fitness.

Eating healthy and managing to hydrate often should fuel your body.

7. Make your Workout Plan a Family Affair

Don’t shy away from incorporating your family into your goals. Encourage them to join you in working out and dieting together.

Schedule the timing of your sessions to align when most members are available. Make use of every opportunity to stay fit for you and your family. Take a walk to the grocery store or perform house chores often as a family.

Family workouts are a great source of encouragement during moments of stagnation. My kids enjoy the fun and games while I get compensated with a healthy body.

It Is Achievable

It’s your turn to take charge.

Now you have the power and knowledge of what to do. Don’t listen to that doubt-filled thought in you. Change your habits and you will be amazing after knocking off those barriers.

Picture yourself taking charge of your homework without support. Or achieving your fitness goals like a pro. Or sharing your home workout journey inspiring others to become better.

It is possible.

Do not stop. Keep moving. Achieving small goals is the ultimate motivation.

Get going and use these tips to take charge of your habits and transform your body.



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